Our automatic sliding gate installations throughout Scotland can be seen at Government buildings, Power stations, High security blue chip clients premises, Haulage contractor yards and distribution centres.


Parking Facilities manufacture BSEN 12435 compliant, automatic sliding gates. Where the use of conventional swinging gates are not feasible due to space restrictions, the PF9000 automatic cantilevered sliding gate is an easy to install, ideal solution.

Established as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and installers of high quality manual and automatic sliding gates, Parking Facilities manufacture in-house to your individual requirements ensuring the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction. We offer a bespoke service from design to manufacture where we can supply a custom built gate to match existing fencing/surroundings ensuring that the finished product is exactly what is required.The standard round tube infill can be replaced by a variety of infill options including D or W profile palisade pales, timber panels, solid sheeting and various mesh panels to integrate perfectly with all fence types.

The PF9000 automatic cantilever gate has a manual release mechanism concealed within the lockable housing unit, allowing manual control of the gate in the event of a power failure. A battery back up option is available. To aid in the safety aspect of the automatic cantilevered sliding gate, the portal is fitted with dual-height photo cells and rubber profile safety edges. The gate is operated by a programmable logic controller, operated via an inverter, which allows for programming of various parameters such as gate speed, passage timeout, automatic opening times, free exit loop operating times etc. Proximity sensors mounted in the main portal read the moving gate leaf, indicating the start and end of the travel cycle.Towards the back of the gate’s opening area, a floor mounted support roller supports the weight of the gate in the fully open position.Anti-climb spikes are optional for gates over 1500mm high.


Our installations can include audio/ video entry systems, keypads, networked proximity access with printable I.D cards, standalone proximity access, remote controlled, GSM dial in to operate, GSM audio entry systems, push button stations, induction loops and vehicle tag systems.


Lothian Gates can undertake and co-ordinate your gate and access control project including for all civil engineering and power supply works.

All of our installations can be integrated with existing access control systems and interfaced with fire alarms.


The PF6000S Automatic Raise Arm Barrier is designed to offer long term reliability, efficient operation and durability. It incorporates an integral 3 phase inverter driven motor and gearbox drive which provides a smooth consistent operation (single phase supply). It is controlled by a a Programmable Logic Controller, which can be programmed to suit any requirement. PF6000S are 100% duty cycle. Picture above: Installation of a PF6000S on the Forth Road Bridge.

Whether your application is residential or commercial, the PF6000S has the ultimate flexibility to suit your needs. The design is the result of years of experience, taking the latest technology and coupling it with tried and tested methods. The result, a superior product giving long service life and peace of mind.

The entire body of the PF6000S is constructed from heavy duty aluminium and is powder coated red or yellow as standard (corporate colours available on request)

The barrier system can be interfaced with unlimited access control options., such as proximity cards, remote control, vehicle identification tags, keypads, token or coin machines or can be integrated with your existing security systems.

  • Spans up to 6 metres.
  • Adjustable speed control varying from 1.2 to 6 seconds.
  • Pole Diameter 75mm.
  • 240 AC Single Phase Supply
  • Heavy duty Gearbox and 3 phase motor drive (no springs required) allowing a smooth operation via the inverter 100% Duty Cycle.
  • Entry/Exit and Safety loop detector bases already built in.
  • Programmable Logic Controller pre-programmed to suit all types of access control equipment.

Lothian Gates can provide a full Site Preparation and Installation Service to client specification.

PF6000HD Automatic Barrier

The PF6000HD is capable of a 9m opening and is one of few to offer a full height skirt option up to 6m clear opening. The installation in the picture above was for Glenturner distillery – an installation of 1 x entry barrier, 1 x exit barrier, safety loops, push button stations and traffic signal lights.
Automatic Barrier Specification: CE Approved (Conforms to BS6571)
Maximum Boom length: 9.0 Metres
Boom Diameter: 100 mm
Opening/closing time: 4.0 – 10 Seconds
Drive unit: 3 Phase Motor & Wormed Gearbox
Power Supply: Single Phase 230v, 50Hz, 5 Amps
Finish: Aluminium and Polyester Powder Coated.
Cycles: 100% Continuous Duty Rating
Dimensions: 506mm x 506mm x 1020mm (centre of pivot)

Optional Extras:

  • Articulated Arm (Low Ceilings)
  • Pogo tip support
  • Boom lights
  • Magnetic lock
  • Stop/No Entry signs
  • Warning sounder/Flashing Beacon
  • Sensing safety edges
  • Hi-Bar Skirting up to 6.5m
  • Folding Bottom Skirt up to 8.0m

Options for access control:

  • Keypad
  • Proximity Cards
  • Voice/Video Intercom Access
  • Token Acceptors
  • Remote Control Fobs
  • Key switch


The automatic kerb is manufactured from welded rectangular hollow section frame and durbar top plate it also features an advanced hydraulic power pack to raise and lower the unit smoothly.

A state of the art programmable logic controller coordinates the hydraulics, access control and traffic light signalling system. An intelligent back up system fitted as standard, ensures that an emergency lowering facility is operational during power failure.

The automatic kerbs offers a variety of access control options including proximity card, remote fob, token acceptor, keypad and intercom, working in conjunction with inductive loop sensors, ensuring safety and close function.

*The video above is for the latest model road blocker with full specification videos to be released soon. In late 2013 over 200+ new model road blockers have been ordered for installations in the middle east.

Automatic Kerb Specification:

CE approved
Product description: Hydraulic operation
Manufactured from welded rectangular hollow section frame and durbar top plate
Galvanised steel. Emergency lower incorporated as standard
Power requirement: Single phase 230v or 3 phase 400v
Height: 340mm or 500mm or 800mm
Length: Available in half-width sizes from 2 – 5 metres
Weight capacity: Maximum 12 tonnes on standard kerbs (Higher capacities available on request)
Operation time: 4.0 – 6.0 secs (dependant on version)
Finish: Galvanised & painted in yellow and black (high visibility)


The PF9500 bi-folding trackless speed gates are the ideal solution where speed of opening and closing is essential or where space is at a premium.

The PF9500 bi-folding trackless speed gates typically open at more than twice the speed of a traditional swinging gate of the same size which ensures a fast throughput of traffic while maintaining security of the site.

The PF9500 utilises a PLC controlled, inverter driven, 3 phase motor, worm and wheel gearbox with a direct-drive shaft connected to the gate leaf, which ensures a smooth and positive movement. PF9500 speed gates are rated for 100% duty cycle i.e. continuous operation.

The gates are manufactured using a RHS steel frame and CHS tubular steel infills.

A wide range of alternate infills are available to suit customers requirements and to match adjoining fencing design. Also available are spiked tops, warning lights and sirens if required.

The gates are supplied with a control cabinet which houses the PLC control panel.

The PF9500 bi-folding trackless speed gates are compatible with most access control options, including keypad, proximity card, inductive loop, push button, remote control etc.


CE approved
Dimensions: Single unit – max width 3.5m height, 3.0m, bi-parting pair – 7.0m height 3.0m
Power Requirement: Single phase 240Volt 50Hz 10 amp
Drive Motor: 3 phase motor and wormed gearbox
Maximum Span: 7 Metres drive through (8 Metres overall)
Maximum Height: 3.0 Metres
Operation Time: 3 – 6 seconds (dependant on version), 100% duty cycle
Finish: Zinc plated and polyester powder coated

Options for access control

  • Keypad
  • Proximity cards
  • Voice/video intercom access
  • Token acceptors
  • Remote control fobs
  • Key switch

Heavy Duty IMPACT RATED Electro Mechanical Bollard

273mm Diameter/700mm Above ground. Comes complete with flashing lights around rim and on top. This is an impacted rated bollard designed to protect embassies, goverment buildings and any site where security is paramount.


Voltage 230 V +/- 10% 50-60Hz
Power Absorbed 400W
Power & Speed 0.18 kW, (0.25HP); 2,800RPM
Duty Cycle 1,500 Cycles Per Day / 60 Cycles per Hour
Working Temperature -15°C to +60°C
Mechanics Reversable; rolled worm screw
Operation Time Approx. 7 Seconds including slowing down
Emergency Release Lowers automatically with power cut off
Maximum Thrust Force 1000 N max. during rod raising phase
Size (Buried Casing) 346mm Diameter X 915mm
Size (Bollard) 273mm Diameter X 700mm High
Finish Powder Coated
Bollard Material Srengthened Steel
Lights 4 No. On Top High Intensity L.E.D.s & 8 No. Radial L.E.D.s
Protection Level IP67
Cable Length 10m
Weight 200Kg
Reflective Film optional
DYNAMIC LOAD (impact Height 300mm)
Crash Resistance 12,000 J
Break in Resistance 650,000 J
Raised Bollard Max 8,000 N
Lowered Bollard Max 150,000 N


  • 700mm High
  • Grey Powder Coated Finish
  • With high power LED Lights
  • Fail ‘Safe’ or Fail ‘Secure’
  • Siren Detector for Automatic Lowering for Emenrgency Services
  • Anti-Tamper Alarm
  • Road Loops and Photo Cells
  • Traffic Lights
  • Numerous Access Control Systems including Push Buttons, Radion Receivers, Keypads, Card Readers, Inteercoms & Transponders.